Kylie Jenner Stars In ‘Glosses’ Extended Commerical For Kylie Cosmetics

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04 Apr2016
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If you thought Kylie Jenner was stopping at a lip kit, then think again. The 18-year recently released a commercial/short film to advertise her Kylie Lip Kit and also revealed her plans for an extended cosmetics line.

Directed by Colin Tilley, Jenner and a bunch of her glam girls are in the middle of a desert in the commercial robbing a bunch of guys for their money. On Jenner’s official app, she described the concept of the video saying, “pretty much, I came to Colin with this idea, and I just wanted to fully be Charlie’s Angels badass.”

Jenner then discussed her bigger plans for the beauty industry, “I just wanted to do something big and over the top so that people know that I’m serious about my cosmetics line and that I have big stuff coming all of the time.” The fans sure are loving what King Kylie, as she refers to herself, is bringing, the “Glosses” video gained 5 million plus views since the release last Thursday.

Watch Kylie Jenner in “Glosses” below and share your thoughts in the comments. Have you purchased any of the colors from Kylie Jenner’s Lip Kit? Let me know.

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Photo: YouTube

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