Ariana Grande Releases First Visual For ‘Dangerous Woman’ Track

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31 Mar2016
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On Wednesday night, March 30, as promised, Ariana Grande released the first visual for her hit single “Dangerous Woman,” off her third studio album by the same name out in May.

Way before the video dropped, the 22-year-old shared a message to her fans explaining why there would be two videos for the sexy single. Grande said, “We’re doing something weird, we’re doing two visuals because this song makes me feel two kinds of ways, it makes me feel sexy and glamorous, I wanted to do a simpler more glam-themed video; and then I wanted to do another video because it makes me feel like, also kind of like a super version of myself in a way, it makes me feel like inside me is a black latex super-bunny woman. So there’s a simpler approach and there’s a weirder more cinematic conceptual bizarre video, the two visuals will be out and the first one is coming very very soon.”

Photo: Instagram

Photo: Instagram

Soon means right now. The video is basically “The Way” 2.0 and features Grande singing the track to the camera in sexy black, lace lingerie. But here’s the kicker: HER.HAIR.IS.DOWN! I’m already a fan of the song, the video not so much, but she looks beautiful and hair is switched up, so I’m into it. Given her idea for the second visual, we can expect a lot more, maybe some choreography.

Dangerous Woman is currently available for pre-order on iTunes and will drop May 20, 2016. Watch the first visual for Ariana Grande’s single “Dangerous Woman” below and share your thoughts in the comments.

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Photo: Instagram

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