Damn Social Media: ‘Damn, Daniel’ Snapchat Users Appear On Ellen

Photo: EllenTube
24 Feb2016
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The power of social media and viral videos next cease to amaze me. It’s really a conundrum on how things catch on and why they go viral so fast. Case in point, a new viral video from Snapchat that has gained so much momentum in the past 24 hours that the two boys behind the video appeared on Wednesday’s Ellen.

It was only a matter of time before Ellen DeGeneres snagged these two up. 14-year-old Daniel and 15-year-old Josh made a simple Snap with Josh commenting on Daniel’s attire saying “Damn Daniel.” Those two words took on a life of its own taking over social media, trending topics, and of course the countless remakes. When Daniel and Josh appeared on Ellen they discussed how the video came about and how their popularity grew from it.

Watch “Damn, Daniel” Snapchat users Daniel and Josh appear on The Ellen Show below and share your thoughts in the comments.

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Photo: Ellen Tube

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