Did Ariana Grande Rename Her Third Album ‘Dangerous Woman?’

Photo: Snapchat
22 Feb2016
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Ariana Grande fans, myself included, are losing our sugar honey iced tea because out of no where the “Focus” singer pulled a Kanye West and changed the title of her anticipated third studio album.

On Monday evening, Grande took over the #1 trending topic on Twitter, it was Rihanna’s “Work” video all day, when she released on her Snapchat what seems to be the new name of her album, formally known as Moonlight. Her brief Snap story shows the singer stopping by Republic Records and a dry erase board with the words “Dangerous Woman” at the top of the board with “1. Moonlight” following, of course meaning the first song on the album will be a song called “Moonlight.” There was also a Snap photo of AG wearing a white shirt that read “Dangerous Woman.”

Photo: Snapchat

Photo: Snapchat

Following the Snaps, the 22-year-old singer-actress changed her Twitter and Instagram bios to those two words that have shaken the Internet. The true blessing would be if she pulls a Bey and drop the album this week.

Back in October 2015, Grande released “Focus,” the first single scheduled to be on her new album. In Decemeber she dropped Christmas & Chill, a sexy holiday album filled with original tracks. The new album was promised for a early 2016 release. We’re still waiting.

What do you think about the new album name? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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Photo: Snapchat

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