Panic! at the Disco and Sisqo Performing “The Thong Song” Will Make Your Tuesday Better

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16 Feb2016
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Remember back in 1999 when Sisqo left Dru Hill to do his solo thing and we were all questioning it, but an amazing album and singles came from it. There was one single in particular that still goes off in the clubs. You know the one, “The Thong Song.”

For Jimmy Kimmel Live‘s “Mash up Monday,” Panic! at the Disco and Sisqo joined forces to make Panic! at the Sisqo and performed “The Thong Song” in front of a live audience. You really forget 1. how talented Sisqo is and 2. how poppin “The Thong Song” was.

Watch Panic! at the Sisqo perform “The Thong Song” on Jimmy Kimmel Live below  along with a bonus vid. Share your thoughts in the comments.

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Photo: YouTube

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