Celebrity Hair Stylist And Makeup Artist Anthony Pazos Shares Behind The Scenes Scoop On Beyoncé’s Super Bowl Look

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14 Feb2016
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Celebrity Hair Stylist and Makeup Artist Anthony Pazos is an established force in his industry having been classically trained at Vidal Sassoon. Pazos has worked on many of the A-list celebs including: Khloé Kardashian, “Twilight” star Ashley Greene, One Direction, and Gossip Girl’s Leighton Meester. Now Pazos can add Queen Bey to his resume having worked with famed celebrity hair stylist Kim Kimble to achieve Beyoncé‘s team look for the 2016 Super Bowl. Pazos and I had a chat about what that experience was like.

“I work very closely with Kim Kimble who is such an inspiration to me,” Pazos said. “She’s been working with Beyoncé now for 16 years and Kim and I are on a show called L.A. Hair on WE TV, so when the initial opportunity came about she said ‘you know Anthony I need you apart of my team for the Super Bowl because I need people I can trust.'”

Photo: Kelly K Public Relations

Photo: Kelly K Public Relations

Pazos went on to explain working with Beyoncé and her team was a very exclusive and private project and how honored he was to be apart of the team to achieve the now iconic Super Bowl 50 look. He then dished on some of the stuff that took place behind the scenes. “The whole point of the hair was to rock and own natural texture which is huge. Especially now in the media with what’s going on with certain people like Trayvon Martin, the list goes on, just the brutality for the African-American community,” he said about the idea behind the look.

“Beyoncé just wanted to express her discontent and use her voice to empower her community and that’s why Kim choice to have us style 32 wigs, which was ridiculous, it was beyond, it was crazy, it was ridiculous. We started on a Wednesday of the week before and I kid you not Beyoncé rehearsed literally Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday she didn’t rehearse. She’s a complete workaholic and it was just a lot of fun. She really wanted her girls to rock the natural texture and just embody their roots.”

And it was a lot that went into styling so many women for the show. “So there’s 32 wigs and it’s not just a wig, we’re also in correlation with the wardrobe department. For this particular event it was a Black Panther wardrobe, so it involves a hat, a beret,” the stylist explained, adding, “The beret had to be put on a certain way, like cocked to the side and the right part had to be glued down, but not only that we had to braid those 32 girls, apply their wigs, secure the wigs down, and then secure the hat down. The whole point is that nothing can pop off ’cause they’re shaking their heads crazy, they’re really going for it, and during the rehearsal we would have hats that were flying off and Beyoncé didn’t want that to happen come game day, understandable, because you can’t have anything flying off period.”

Photo: Kelly K Public Relations

Photo: Kelly K Public Relations

To get that huge volume on the hair Kim Kimble, Anthony, and the team went old school. “So it was a lot of stress going in pinning everything down, sewing everything down, and literally picking all these wigs to be as big as we can get them with our afro picks and spray sheen. So it was a very old school way of picking out the fros. She wanted it really raw.”

Not only did Anthony feel “really honored” that Kim [Kimble] brought him along on her team to bring to life the look for Super Bowl 50 but he felt honored to work on a big moment for the African-American community. “I felt honored to be apart of a community that may not necessarily be my own community, but they’re accepting of me and I’ve been vouched for so that for me is just like wow. Something that I’m doing is paying off. The African-American community trusts me and that’s just awesome. It was a complete honor to be apart of a movement for the African-American community that is huge, so loud, so powerful. People backstage were crying, it was just an emotional event,” he said.

If you’ve been keeping up with the headlines then I’m sure you’re aware of the negative black lash Beyoncé received from the Super Bowl performance. Some felt she was throwing a pro-black message down America’s throats with her new song “Formation” and her Super Bowl performance of the song was not in good tatse, Pazos had this to say about that. “I think haters are going to hate, period. The message was true, the message was real, the message was love, the message was empowerment, and seeing what’s been going on for the past years and what the community has had to experience for forever, I mean why not, it’s OK, let it be, it’s fine. Haters are going to hate bottom line.”

Photo: Kelly K Public Relations

Photo: Kelly K Public Relations

Having such an accomplished career in the industry Pazos offered these words of advice for aspiring hair stylist and makeup artists. “I would say always be up on your game, whether it’s hair or make up, always be up on it. Always give 175% but also be humble and just know that you have to work well with other people. Everyone is a star in their own right and if people feel like you’re coming across like ‘I’m better than you’ people aren’t going to want to work with you. So it’s all about being the best you can fucking be, but being chill and cool because you never know who can help you out, so put that ego aside as much as possible.”

So outside of slaying hair for Queen Bey and her team what has Anthony Pazos been up to? He served as key makeup artist on the upcoming film “The Standoff” starring Olivia Holt, Ryan McCartan, and McKaley Miller set to premiere this year. L.A. Hair also got picked up for season 5 so you can catch Pazos on that. In the meantime he’s keeping busy for the Grammy’s and Oscars weekends.

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Photo: Kelly K Public Relations

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