Just B Beautiful Owner B Wilson Shares Helpful Make Up Tips – “Lashes Are The New Liner”

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13 Feb2016
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B Wilson, owner of the on-location beauty and bridal make-up concierge service Just B Beautiful, has an extensive resume of work in the beauty industry working over 10 years catering to the Tri-State area and New York regions. The published make up artist has worked with such brands like: Anastasia Beverly Hills, the award-winning company Dollface Studio as well as served as the Bridal Beauty Expert for Ebony.com. She’s been named “Beauty on the Move” as part of Philadelphia Magazine’s ‘Best of Philly 2013’ and worked on many New York Fashion Week shows.

For this New York Fashion Week I caught up with the beauty expert and she told Glambergirlblog all about how she got started in the industry, the beauty mistakes you might be making, how to establish yourself in the industry and more.

“A very good friend of mine that I went to high school went he secretly did drag. Nobody knew,” B Wilson said about getting her first taste of the beauty world. “I would help him with his make up and I would help him with his wigs and it was something that just stayed with me even though I went into a more professional, corporate field after school it was something that always stayed with me so when I got the opportunity to do this full-time I took it and ran with it.”

The Just B Beautiful brand was something that sort of fell into place for Wilson. She started working with other freelance beauty insiders and then formed her “Bi-City Beauty Team” of experts. The beauty concierge service she provides aligns clients with the proper vendors that can do henna, nails, massage, and anything beauty related, but running a business isn’t as easy as B Wilson makes it look.

Photo: Maria Mack

Photo: Maria Mack

“Balance. It’s a lot of balance. You have to have the balance between the creative portion as well as the business portion. You can’t have one without the other,” she told GGB. Another helpful note Wilson gave aspiring beauty experts was about the importance of apprenticeship. “Before you establish yourself as a beauty expert I would work under people,” she revealed stressing the point of how important it is to assist on projects first to learn the business that way. You find out about etiquette and how to cater to the clients needs she pointed out and noted networking is key.

For New York Fashion Week, currently happening, catch B Wilson as press seeking content to add to her website. Although she’s majority bridal based, she realizes all trends influence the other and has her eyes open on the trends her clients will like. Now of course this chat with B Wilson wouldn’t be complete unless I got some exclusive beauty tips and projections from the guru.

“The rose gold is still going to be a trend. It’s still going to be the it color for everyone to go to,” she said about one of the trends that is in at the moment. “I do not see highlighting/strobing going anywhere. It’s actually quite gorgeous if done correctly and lashes. Lashes are the new liner. If you notice more and more women, they are either doing the false lashes like the Mink lashes or eyelash extensions.”

Wilson also had something to say about those eyebrows that some may think are “fleeked.” “Oh Brows. It baffles me that in 2016 women are still outlining their brows and using concealer that’s two shades too light. Are we still doing that?,” she said noting that bold brows are totally in but don’t outline your brows ladies. Two shades light on the concealer is also a no no.

“First things first is skin care,” B Wilson said about achieving that flawless beat. “I’m not saying you must have perfect skin, but at least if you’re going to invest in a $40 foundation then invest in at least at $15-$20 facial wash that fits your skin needs so that way you’re not just covering up the problem you’re solving it as well.”

Photo: Just B Beautiful

Photo: Just B Beautiful

And no flawless beat can start without the right base. “Always invest in a really good foundation and concealer. You can go to the drugstore and get eye shadows and lipsticks, but your foundation and concealer are two things that I always advise my clients never to skimp on. Be color matched, properly color matched and don’t think that going two shades lighter on your concealer is going to cover up under eye circles. Know the difference between correcting and concealing because it’s a huge difference.”

So now that we have all that covered, I’m sure you’re wondering what are the beauty must haves for B Wilson. “I have four. My first, hands down is It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye concealer. It’s the only thing that I found that’s a fabulous corrector and concealer in one. My next one is Ardency Inn black eyeliner. That black eyeliner is everything. My Make Up for Ever Ultra HD (foundation) and my Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin Mist. Nobody uses Mac Fix Plus anymore it’s all about the Tatcha Dewy Skin Mist.”

Again for all those aspiring beauty experts B Wilson leaves you with this. “Educate yourself and build your brand,” she advises along with having knowledge of different brands including international ones learning their skin care and beauty regimes. Read, but don’t copy, other beauty blogs and NETWORK.

If you want to get in contact with B Wilson about any of her services visit JustBBeautiful.com and follow her on social media @BWilsonBeauty and @JustBBeautiful on Instagram and @JustBBeautiful on Twitter.

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Photo: ASYA

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