Leticia Jimenez Talks Going From International Flamenco Dancer To Actress On The Rise

Photo: Michele K. Short  for Historia Films, LLC
27 Jan2016
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Actress Leticia Jimenez is a talent you will know about soon if you aren’t already familiar. With just five years in the acting game, Jimenez credits ranging from the horror genre to family fun films. You can spot Jimenez in films like: “Pitch Perfect 2,” “The Loft,” “Jake’s Road,” “Seconds Apart,” “Video Girl,” and more recently “Intruders” and “Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Chip.” I spoke with Leticia Jimenez in a fun phoner and we discussed how she went from an internationally recognized Flamenco dancer to a rising star in the acting industry.

“My background is actually in dance. I’m actually a professional Flamenco dancer,” she Jimenez said adding that she was dancing professionally since she was 14. She would often go back and forth to Los Angeles because she had friends there and they convinced her to try out acting. She met with different agents and landed her first role in a feature film in “Seconds Apart” in 2011.

Jimenez noted it was a “really easy transition” going from dance to acting being use to performing. The “choreography” of it all seemed similar to her being on the stage as a dancer versus being on set as an actress. She remembered her first role being very active doing stunts and coming out of a burning house, but that wasn’t the role that stuck with her to date.

“‘Jake’s Road’ probably. I produced it and I acted in it. I was one of the stars and one of the leads,” she said about her most memorable project. The independent project felt like a family to the actress and she pretty much got to do it all in this film. “I got to do stunts, I got to run, I got to cry, I got to be scared, you know I was able to do everything, just like a wide range. I think that, for right now, that was just a really great experience, really memorable,” Jimenez shared.

Photo: IMDb

Photo: IMDb

There’s a wide range of projects attached to Leticia Jimenez’s name, but like most actors there are times in between gigs that could often leave someone with the question of “what’s next?” “You have to do at least three things a day to help motivate yourself and help your career. Especially actors because you got to hustle, you have to be out there,” Jimenez told GGB and offered up the same advice for aspiring entertainers. “Be motivated, be active, get out there and meet people in every aspect of the industry, and just don’t give up. There’s going to be a lot of people telling you no, but you have to keep going. Be positive,” she shared adding taking classes, going to workshops, and enjoying a really good film can jump-start any career.

“I love to act so I love to do everything. If it’s possible I can do every genre I want to do everything,” Jimenez said about what career path she would want to follow specifically wanting to do comedy and working with Sofia Vergara. This year you can catch Jimenez working with director Brian Skeet on a couple of projects; one film called “Disoriented” and the other “In Search of the Miraculous.” Both are drama based films and set to start shooting in March of this year.

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Photo: Michele K. Short  for Historia Films, LLC

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