Ariana Grande Discusses Her “Arianators” And Her Nonna’s Growing Fan Base

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15 Jan2016
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Ariana Grande made a rare talk show appearance as a guest to talk about her new partnership with MAC Cosmetics last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

The 22-year-old has a line with VIVA GLAM, a branch of MAC Cosmetics, that has two lip colors; a matte, dark purple lipstick and a baby pink lipgloss. All proceeds go to the MAC AIDS fund. During Grande’s chat with Jimmy Kimmel she talked about the line briefly and then her beloved fans called “Arianators.”

Kimmel said it was “the ultimate compliment” for fans to give themselves a name for their favorite artist with Grande adding, “They gave themselves that. I orginally was calling them ‘The Ariana’s Army’ and then I was calling them ‘Tiny Elephants.'” The Scream Queens actress also shared stories on how fans are when they meet her and how she was when her favorite artist, Imogen Heap, invited her to dinner.

Later in the interview Grande’s grandmother, lovingly called Nonna, was mentioned and the two talked about how Nonna has become a celebrity because of Grande’s social media. “She doesn’t really believe it and she kinds of pretends to not like it, but she loves it, she loves it.”

Watch Ariana Grande talk about her “Arianators” and her Nonna’s growing popularity on Jimmy Kimmel Live below and share your thoughts in the comments.

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Photo: ABC

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