Get “Lost” With Singer-Actress Britt Flatmo As She Talks Freshman Album and The Industry

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20 Nov2015
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Britt Flatmo is a prime example of what can happen when you follow your dreams and make a bold move to make it happen. At 10-years-old, Flatmo and her mother moved out to California to pursue a dream of stardom. She took acting classes to strengthen her skills and did a six month LA test run to see how things would work out. Those months became a year and she booked her first national commercial. It’s been eight years since Flatmo’s “LA trial” and she’s just getting started.

Flatmo started doing theater at the age of 5, so you know she was serious about her career from a very young age determined to build longevity in the business. The award-winning actress earned accolades during the Philadelphia Film Festival landing her a Best Breakthrough Performance award for the internationally award-winning film “Abuelo.” You may have also spotted her face in films like “Super 8” and “Life As We Know It” and in television shows like Without a Trace, Big Time Rush, and Medium. And don’t think she’s only received praise for her acting. Britt won “Female Vocalist of the Year” at the 25th Annual LA Music Awards and received the sought after Wayne Brady Scholarship, a prize that sent her to the illustrious Hollywood Launch Academy, all expenses paid.

With such an incredible past and bright future, Britt Flatmo has no intention of slowing down anytime soon. Fresh off the release of her premiere album, I caught up with the extremely talented and extremely humble singer-actress and we discussed her album, pressures of the industry, and more.

“When I was 10-years-old I started working on the album,” Flatmo revealed, adding, “When I was 10 I wrote my first song ever and I did write all the songs on the album. The first song is called “Lost” and it’s about my dad. I’ve grown up without a father so I thought that was a good start. People could get to know me more. They could relate to it.”

Flatmo’s relationship with her father isn’t the other relationship she explores on her freshman album. “Not only just for a parent or something, but just a relationship, or a friendship that has been broken, or a little lost, but it all started with that song. From there, the four other songs on the album just came with time, came with experiences, and different relationships. It’s an album based on relationships, struggles, and finding yourself.”

The self-described “soulful pop” singer is an artist who wants to connect with her fans and for them to connect with her. That’s what she wants most. With classic music inspirations like Judy Garland and Frank Sinatra, to more modern inspirations like Tori Kelly, Birdy, Christina Aguilera, and Beyoncé, Flatmo herself can see the growth of her voice who she credits to Grammy nominated producer and writer Jonathan George. She said he helped her “find who she is” as an artist.

Photo: JG Entertainment

Photo: JG Entertainment

In a society where so many young artists are manufactured to fit a mold, Britt Flatmo is definitely an artist who can hold her own in a unique category she headlines, but there are still the pressures that could take a toll. “A lot of the times society says you need to be this or you need to be that, but I think being true to yourself is the most important thing out of all of this because at the end of the day you have to be happy with yourself and live with yourself. You’re the only person who’s going to be with you your entire life. It’s also really important to have a great family behind you and I am so fortunate to have that,” she said. 

Flatmo also offers some advice for those embarking on a career in the entertainment industry. “Have some patience,” she advised, “It’s all about patience in this industry. Getting turned down and thrown away, it’s all about patience.” She also stressed the importance of a strong support system saying, “Having a great family there to support you, great friends, probably the most important thing to have is the family and the friends there.”

“You’ll get turned down so many times in this industry that sometimes you come home, and this has happened to me, you come home and just sit at the edge of your bed and just go ‘what am I doing?’ It’s just overwhelming sometimes. Sometimes you just have to sit there and cry, you got to let it out, then the next day pick yourself back up and try it again. So patience is everything.”

Now Britt Flatmo fans must practice a little patience. She’s gearing up to go on a college tour in the new year and since she’s constantly going on auditions, you may see her back on the big, and small, screen soon.

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Take a listen to a cover of Jhene Aiko’s “The Worst” and Britt Flatmo’s original music “Lost” below and share your thoughts in the comments.

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Photo: JG Entertainment

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