Singer On The Rise Dani Rey Talks Her Single ‘YO!,’ EP, and More With GGB

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05 Nov2015
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Dani Rey is an up and coming singer-dancer-actor hailing from Washington D.C. and Miami with a promising music career ahead for the young starlet.

The 16-year-old Cuban singer made the bold decision to move to Los Angeles to tackle her career in the entertainment industry full-time and has made a strong debut on the scene with her energetic track “Yo!” featuring Miguelito MTO. I had the pleasure to speak with the inspiring singer and we talked about her debut EP, her dream collaboration, and more.

“When me and my brother were in the car, we wouldn’t listen to the radio, we would listen to albums from every single genre,” Dani Rey said on what sparked her interest in music, adding, “One day we were in the car and my dad put on Diana Ross’ Blue album and I don’t know what happened from there, but it just clicked and I instantly wanted to do music.”

Having performed at Disneyland one summer, Dani Rey was on the right track to excelling her career. Already Dani Rey is being compared to the likes of Becky G and Selena Gomez, but the comparisons doesn’t bother the singer. “I feel all artists are going to be compared but I think it’s all the way you carry yourself and it should give you more power for other artists to be compared to you,” she said.

With a sound that can’t be compared to others, Dani Rey’s EP Yo! features seven tracks that she helped co-write along with the producing help from 5x Grammy winner Devine Evans. “We just wanted to create a unique sound, something that you can dance to. I really love the album and the sound.”

Photo: JG Entertainment

Photo: JG Entertainment

Along with Devine Evans, Dani Rey worked with Miguelito MTO on the album. “We met in the studio and instantly became friends. He’s a great guy to work with,” she recalls. The “Yo!” singer also talked about the type of music on her album. “The tracks are very personal. We brought in a songwriter Dana Cooper and I gave her my ideas and I really wanted to sing songs that really related to me. So all these songs are about things that girls go through, how it is in this industry, girls have a lot of pressure on them. To look a certain way, to act a certain way. The album is really about loving yourself and just having fun.”

A certain Canadian musician would be the perfect person Dani Rey would have fun with, in the studio of course as her dream collaboration. “I would love to work with Justin Bieber not because he’s cute, but the way that he thinks about creating music is unbelievable and I think it would an amazing experience to work with him.” She’s “jumping for joy” by the way about JB’s new music and was not ashamed to admit she’s a Biebliber.

Dani Rey has a bright future in front of her and advises artists getting into the industry to never give up. “It’s not easy, it’s not all glitz and glam when you’re up on stage and doing all the press, but just making the music it’s so worth it, all the hard work. I think people should keep pushing, even if someone tells you no, just keep going.”

Currently, Dani Rey is working on a press tour and appearances to meet new people. Be sure to keep up with Dani Rey on social media @DaniReyOfficial and download all of Dani Rey’s music on iTunes, Spotify, or Amazon. Watch Dani Rey’s music video for “YO!” featuring Miguelito MTO below and share your thoughts in the comments.

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Photo: JG Entertainment

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