Rotimi Talks Shooting ‘Power,’ Working With 50 Cent, BET Music Matters Tour, and More

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11 Oct2015
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Olurotimi Akinosho, better known as his stage name Rotimi, is a rising talent from Maplewood, New Jersey taking over the music industry and Hollywood one gig at a time.

Rotimi started doing music at the tender age of 6, or 7, by playing musical instruments like violin and piano. He was in the children’s gospel choir growing up with the inspirations of Bob Marley and Michael Jackson appearing in his music later in life. With his parents support, and graduating school first, the young star was able to pursue a career in the entertainment industry.

Landing roles in major productions like: Starz Boss, “Black Nativity,” “Divergent,” and “Imperial Dreams,” Rotimi is becoming more of a familiar face on the big and small screen along with having a “musical plan” to release an EP in a couple of months. These days you can hear Rotimi on his hit track “Lotto” and see him alongside Omari Hardwick, Joseph Sikora, and 50 cent on the Starz hit series Power. I caught up with Rotimi a weeks ago and here are some excerpts from our chat:

On working with 50 Cent: “He’s a professional at whatever he does so the decisions he makes with acting and music is kind of similar because he strives for excellence. He’s a dope dude and everything is so calculated so you get to see how a genius works. The character may be different, but his work ethic is the same.”

On his character Dre: “At this point you’re not suppose to be able to trust him. He’s still learning hisself. What you’re suppose to get from him is that he’s extremely smart, extremely motivated and he has his own agenda, but yeah you’re not suppose to trust Dre yet.”

On working multiple projects: “I was always raised to multitask so I was never really just stuck on one thing. It kind of feels weird when I’m just focusing on one thing because my whole life I’ve been playing sports, in school, doing music, in college, different things. So, I was raised this way.”

On the BET Music Matters Tour: “It’s a good feeling because me, my team, and my family worked so hard for this moment. Finally be recognized for what I do as an artist is an amazing feeling and makes you want to work harder as a musicain.”

On motivation: “I focus on the work, I focus on my team, I focus on the spiritual relationship I have with God. Staying positive and not letting negativity bother me.”

Be sure to look out for Rotimi in season 3 of Power and appearing as the leading man in Keke Palmer’s “I Don’t Belong To You” music video. To keep up on the latest on Rotimi follow him on social media @rotimimusic

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Photo: Starz

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