Cody Saintgnue Talks ‘Teen Wolf’ Role, #CodyTakeMeToProm, and More

Photo: Courtney Phillips
09 Oct2015
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If you want to thank someone in particular for sparking the acting/modeling bug in Teen Wolf actor Cody Saintgnue we should shout out a lady Saintgnue knew growing up. Because of her, we have the rising talent that we see today.

“There was a girl named Erin that I had a crush on and I was like if I become an Abercrombie model she’ll have to like me,” the 22-year-old told Glambergirlblog in an exclusive interview where we also chatted about his character Brett on the hit MTV series Teen Wolf, his amazing #CodyTakeMeToProm contest, and the man behind the dreamy, blue-green eyes.

The model-turned actor comes from a humble background in Dayton, Ohio being placed in foster care at age 9, then being adopted. Growing up as a self-described “street kid,” Saintgnue brought aspects of that into his character Brett Talbot for Teen Wolf, which he joined last year for season 5. “Brett is a very strong-willed, knows himself, bi-sexual Buddhist werewolf and he comes from the wolf pack Satomi. They are a Buddhist werewolf tribe and it’s a really cool combination because one who truly understands themselves and to me what that represents is that they completely know how to control their powers.”

Photo: Nikko Lamere

Photo: Nikko Lamere

As my conversation with Cody progressed we talked about his awesome #CodyTakeMeToProm contest where, you guessed it, he takes one lucky fan to prom. “I thought it’d be really cool if a teen girl could take a teen idol to prom. I ended up randomly choosing someone, they made posters, and I ended up choosing a girl from West Lake. When I got there the mom was crying her eyes out and I thought maybe she’s just a big fan of the show, but she told my friend that came with me ‘we really have no money,’ she [the lucky winner] wasn’t even going to go to prom, she got picked on all year at school and if it wasn’t for Cody she wouldn’t even have went on her prom because she didn’t feel pretty she didn’t like anyone wanted her.’ It made me emotional.”

Before wrapping up I wanted to get to know the softer side of Cody Saintgnue in a fun round of rapid fire questions. These are the results. Saintgnue prefers cookies to cupcakes although it was tough for him to choose and “it depends on the day.” He likes tea versus coffee and his favorite love song is “Thinking Out Loud” by Ed Sheeran.

Want to know what makes this boy laugh? Any movie with Will Ferrell or “The Interview.” The last show he binge watched was Breaking Bad and he wants to get into American Horror Story. His celeb crush is Adriana Lima, the first thing he notices in a person is their eyes, his favorite song right now is J. Cole’s “Love Yours,” and the three words to describe himself are: humble, grateful, and loving.

Cody Saintgnue is currently on a special appearance world tour taking him everywhere from Paris to Oregon. If you want Saintgnue to come to your city keep up with him on social media @codysaintnew and you might get to meet him.

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Photo: Courtney Phillips

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