Benicio Del Toro, Jessica Alba and Miguel Play ‘Long Story Short’ On Tonight Show

Photo: NBC
15 Sep2015
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If you are an avid watcher of The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon then you know the late night talk show host is a fanatic when it comes to playing interesting games with guests that come on the show.

His newest game “Long Story Short” paired Fallon with guest Jessica Alba on one team and his guest Benicio Del Toro with musical act Miguel on the other team. Each team member took turns picking a number that had a movie title on the back of it. The object was to get your team member to guess the title by giving them clues without saying anything in the title in five seconds or less.

There were three rounds and the seconds to guess got shorter from three seconds to one. The rules were a little unclear to the players, but it sure did make for an entertaining segement. Who won the first installment of “Long Story Short?”

Watch Benicio Del Toro, Jessica Alba and Miguel play “Long Story Short” on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon below and share your thoughts in the comments.

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Photo: NBC

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