‘TUT’ Actor Avan Jogia Talks The Miniseries Event At AOL Build

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18 Jul2015
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It’s officially TUT weekend and we are one day from the miniseries event premiering on Spike. 

Avan Jogia plays King Tut who inherited a kingdom at a young age and attempted to rule a nation into a new age but had an untimely death before he turned 20. The three night miniseries event will re imagine the events leading up to his death. Keep in mind, haters, this is NOT a historical film. [Read my review HERE]

Photo: Glambergirlblog.com

Photo: Glambergirlblog.com

Jogia stopped by AOL Build interview series in NYC on Thursday, July 16, to discuss his leading role, working with Sir Ben Kingsley, and more, but one of the topics that stuck with me is when a guy asked about that down time we all face in our careers. “You have to put yourself in a position to get lucky that’s just what being an actor is,” the 23-year-old Canada native said about challenges he overcame as an actor.

“A lot of it is luck, you have to have the goods when you get there, but it’s preparing yourself to get lucky. And there’s that whole thing, don’t do anything when you’re hungry, don’t even eat when you’re hungry. It’s like if you can keep yourself afloat financially then you can make choices that are interesting that don’t affect you, that you actually have the option, you don’t have to work because you have to work.”

He ended with, “A lot of it to me is being prepared for the luck.” That’s something my dad always tells me when I have my career woes.

Photo: AOL Screengrab

Photo: AOL Screengrab

Now that’s out-of-the-way, I want to really talk to y’all about my personal experience with this all and how I came to meet Avan. I don’t remember when my love for Avan started but it was from Victorious. Now I am NOT the target age group for that show, but I honestly find it funny. Coming from a journalism background, I do my research and I researched Avan. I watched interviews for example and really started to like him as an actor but he’s very smart and witty, oh and he’s OK looking I guess. I say that sarcastically, he’s beautiful and I became determined to meet him.

I had a hunch that there could be an AOL Build for TUT so I was watching the schedule like a hawk. I have a friend who works the Builds so I notified him to keep an eye out and PUT ME ON THE LIST to have access for the interview series. I found out when the Build was and it linked perfectly since I was already going to NY that week for work. My friend got me on the list and I was planning what I would say to Avan if I got the chance to speak to him.

Photo: Glambergirlblog.com

Photo: Glambergirlblog.com

Mind you, I put on my vision board the words “Avan Jogia” and “TUT” a while back and in my daily affirmations I put that I wanted to meet him and have an actual conversation. Two things that happened AND I got to ask him a question during the AOL Build. [Watch me around the 24:41 mark in the video below] Talk about career goals, add to the fact that Avan is so damn nice, he signed my TUT press book and told me my review of the show was sweet after I told him I was the one who wrote one of the reviews he retweeted on his Twitter account. Overall great experience.

I say all that to say, dream BIG ladies and gentleman. Believe in your dreams and goals. Even if you think it could never happen, believe HARDER!

Watch the latest trailer for TUT below and be sure to watch the three-part miniseries event kicking off tomorrow, Sunday, July 19 at 9pm (EST) on Spike.

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