Justin Bieber Posts Bare Bum On Instagram – Fans Lose Their Minds

Photo: Instagram
07 Jul2015
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What do you do when you’re Justin Bieber, riding on a boat, and have nothing else better to do? You post a bare ass picture on Instagram, then sit and watch your fans lose their sugar honey iced tea.

With a simple caption “Look,” JB posted a naked photo of himself pointing out to sea. While some fans posted several heart eyed emojis under the pic, some were disgusted or turned off I should say from his behavior. Even celebs weighted in on the pic with the likes of Gabrielle Union and Perez Hilton liking the NSFW photo you can see below.

The “Where Are You Now” singer is reportedly spending some down time in Bora Bora with family and friends. Clearly he needs to get back in the studio because the Biebes is bored.

What do you think about Justin Bieber’s booty pic? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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Photo: Instagram

Photo: Instagram

Photo: Instagram

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