Ariana Grande Spotted Smooching Back Up Dancer In Donut Shop But That's Not What Is Making Fans Angry

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07 Jul2015
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Pop star Ariana Grande has seemingly moved on from her April break up with rapper Big Sean and is getting close to one of her back up dancers.

A video surfaced from TMZ of the 22-year-old “Break Free” singer with Ricky Alvarez at Wolfee Donuts in Lake Elsinore, CA on Saturday, July 4. The young star and her back up dancer reportedly started playing “true or dare” while they waited for service and insinuated licking several of the donuts that were on the counter. Towards the end of the video obtained, you can hear Grande yell “What the f*ck is that?” when an employee brings out a tray of donuts not to her liking. Later adding, “I hate Americans. I hate America.” [Watch the video by clicking on the TMZ link above]

Now I have to rant a bit. The problem I feel most are feeling about this TMZ video that surfaced is not the fact that she’s with another guy. Who really cares. If your heart heals that fast after a break up, write a book on it, it could help a lot of people, my issue with this is how rude she was. Now I get it, who knows what lead up to that point, the staff could have been rude to her from the door, but this is not helping those diva rumors that have been circulating since forever. And then licking donuts or pretending to, you do not mess around with people’s food, that’s gross and rude. Rant complete.

What do you think about this video of Ariana Grande and her new dip in the donut shop? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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Photo: Instagram

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