A Glamberous Review: So How Good Is ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’ Really?

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15 Feb2015
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The movie that has been protested with just about the same intensity as music from Eminem has finally hit theaters. Yes I’m talking about “Fifty Shades Of Grey,” the E.L. James erotic novel turned Sam Taylor-Johnson directed film was released Valentine’s Day/President’s Day weekend and dominated, see what I did there, the box office.

Grossing $81.7 million opening weekend, “Fifty Shades Of Grey” has set new records becoming the highest-grossing film for President’s Day weekend and among the highest-grossing Rated R films of all time.

I was very anxious to see this film despite my mixed feelings about Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson being cast as the leads Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele for the film, but if you continue to read my Glamberous Review of “Fifty Shades Of Grey” you’ll find out more of my take on this film.


If you have not read the “Fifty Shades of Grey” books and/or have no knowledge what so ever what the film is about, I’ll give you a quick “Fifty Shades” 101 before I get into my review. Christian is a 27-year-old, I’m about to crash my car from starring so hard attractive, single billionaire and Anastasia is a 20 something, college senior just trying to figure life out. Ana goes to interview Christian for the university’s paper as a favor for a friend who’s sick and ends up sparking a twisted love affair with the man, oh and this man is very into BDSM ( Bondage and Discipline, Dominance and Submission, Sadism and Masochism).

Now to the film in itself. First can I point out that I wish people stop expecting this to be Oscar worthy, I mean the book isn’t even built like that. This is a fun novel that explores a different side of sexuality and I don’t think people should be so uptight about it. To each it’s own. This film isn’t suggesting you go out and try the things you’re seeing on the big screen or glorifying domestic abuse, which some are claiming, it’s a story of these two CHARACTERS, aka NOT REAL, and should be treated as such. And if you’re that clueless to take this film so literal than that’s a personal problem. I’m off my soapbox now.

To be honest with you all I can seriously say I didn’t hate this film and I thought I really would because the trailers and sneak peeks weren’t really giving me what I got from the books. I read all three books from the “Fifty Shades” author and I was into them. I was intrigued by the story and seeing where these characters would go as a couple so to see it translate to screen was going to be a challenge since the nature of the book is heavy on sex, and I mean graphic sex. But this film isn’t a porn and it still should show the romance side of it which I think it did well.

The film opens and gets right to the point, Ana interviewing Christian at Grey Enterprises. She stumbles into his office, just like the book, and they began to have the most awkward interview ever, even more so that you can slightly hear Dornan’s Irish accent coming through in his dialogue. The film progresses quickly and we start to get a feel of that cat and mouse game between Ana and Christian.

Dakota Johnson as Anastasia was believable. She played a young, naive college girl with no sexual experience well. There was a scene in the movie where she drunk dials Christian after he was giving her the run around about maybe wanting to be with her and it was hilarious to say the least. Any girl who was ever really into a guy can relate to that scene on so many levels. Around this time is where we finally get into any type of sexual play but it come so sudden and out of no where that it seems like it was a jump cut. You have to see it and you’ll know what I mean.

Now let’s get into the sex because to be real that’s what we were all here for and it kind of disappointed. I get you can only show so much but it wasn’t enough, and what was shown was regular. I will say Ana’s first experience in the “red room of pain” was pretty hot. It was shot good, built tension, and it gave the audience the feel of being in that room. Another scene I really liked was Ana going over the contract that she must sign before Christian will basically have his way with her and when the two of them negotiated. That was an interesting one but everything wasn’t all good with the film.

One of the main things that bothered me was how the script tried to fit actual lines from the book into the film and it did not translate well at all! It came off so corny and forced, like “laters baby” and “fifty shades of f*cked up.” But despite the very awkward conversations Johnson and Dornan had good chemistry and I don’t hate that I’ll have to see them for two more films, yeah they are turning the rest of the books into films.

Overall I think seeing “Fifty Shades Of Grey” in theaters is worth it. I found this movie to be much more hilarious then I think it was intended to be so make sure you see it with someone who you’ll be able to joke around with. I give “Fifty Shades Of Grey” Three and a Half Sparkles

So talk to me in the comments. If you saw “Fifty Shades Of Grey” this weekend share your thoughts with me below.

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