Exclusive: Glambergirlblog Speaks With Stephanie Katherine Grant from ABC’s “The Goldbergs”

Photo: ABC
17 Oct2014
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Photo: ABC

Photo: ABC

This week I had the extreme pleasure of having a phone interview with an awesome actress Stephanie Katherine Grant.

Not only is this 14-year-old a rising star in Hollywood appearing on ABC’s The Goldbergs, but she learned to play the cello at age 4 and she speaks 3 languages. My major accomplishments by 14 were excelling in my studies in high school. Stephanie is not your average teen.

During my interview with Stephanie Katherine Grant, we spoke about how she got started in the entertainment industry, landing the gig on The Goldbergs, what she does on her down time in between gigs and more.

“Well actually it all started when I was about 7 years old and I was actually living in Tennessee and I actually was just going to one of these normal, singing vocal workshops in Nashville, Tennessee and actually my dad was researching it online and he found it was one of the top music vocal stars, vocal coaches to the stars. It was kind of this seminar,” Katherine Grant recalled about starting in the business. She met the vocal coach that would help shape her.

After initially moving to Los Angeles to try out her luck with booking gigs, Stephanie slowly began to land things back to back. The trial life in LA turned into an extended stay for the young girl and her family. Fast forward to present day, Grant plays Emmy Mirksy, the quirky friend of Adam Goldberg (Sean Giambrone) on the coming of age 1980’s set comedy series The Goldbergs. 

I asked Stephanie how she prepped for the role; she said, “Actually when I got the first audition I was really excited because I was watching the show as it was on so I was really excited, but after I got the part I actually started watching a lot of the old ’80’s movies and I started doing some research on kind of the style of the 80’s, what kind of music people were listening to and I actually got really, really into the movies and music and stuff. It was a really cool experience to research all that stuff and put myself back in that time period and I had a whole lot of fun doing it.”

Although Grant appears on a major television series, she’s still treated like a typical teenage girl at home. Her days consist of going to school, doing homework, going on auditions, riding her bike, doing the dishes, eating dinner and reading. So what’s on the top of Stephanie Katherine Grant’s reading list? “I’m actually reading the series called “Alanna” by Tamora Pierce and it’s really, really interesting cause I’m super into the mythical, kind of fantasy, adventure series type thing and it’s a really, really cool series. I’m actually on book 3 of 4,” she said.

Before we wrapped, one of the last questions I asked Stephanie was what kind of advice could she give to young girls with dreams of showbiz. She said, “I think you should follow your heart because if it’s something you really want to do you should just totally go for it. And you’re going to get a lot of rejection, like a lot, but keep strong to what you know and what you are in your heart and you’ll always, always come out on top. So I think the most important thing is to just go for it all the time and even if you get knocked down, just to get right back up and really to just believe in yourself and really just go for it.”

New episodes of The Goldbergs air on ABC Wednesdays at 8:30/7:30c. Be sure to look out for Glambergirlblog’s new friend Stephanie Katherine Grant!

Check out my full, exclusive interview with The Goldbergs Stephanie Katherine Grant below and share your thoughts in the comments.

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