Andrew Garfield Is On The Run From “The Beygency” In Hilarious SNL Clip [VIDEO]

Photo: NBC
04 May2014
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Photo: NBC

Photo: NBC

Andrew Garfield learned the hard way to never, ever speak ill against music superstar Beyoncé in a hilarious clip on Saturday Night Live. 

This past Saturday, Garfield served as first time host and gave a stellar monologue with the help of his girlfriend and “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” co-star Emma Stone. But the clip that has gone viral is Garfield’s part in a brilliantly written clip.

In the film trailer style video, Garfield is simply enjoying time with friends when the topic of Beyoncé comes up. He mentions he didn’t like Bey’s “Drunk in Love” track and all hell breaks loose. Andrew Garfield then has to run for his life from The Beygency, a group committed to doing away with anyone who speaks bad about Queen Bey. Basically, what the Beyhive would do.

Kiefer Sutherland makes a special appearance to help Garfield along the way. It’s really funny!

Watch Andrew Garfield run for his life from The Beygency in a hilarious SNL clip below.

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