Ellen DeGeneres Sits Down With Little Boy Who Argued With Mom Linda Over Cupcakes [VIDEO]

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18 Mar2014
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When three-year old Mateo wants his cupcakes his will argue you down with cuteness until he gets them.

A viral video has taken over the internet catching the eyes of many including Ellen DeGeneres. Cute and funny kids; it was only a matter of time until Ellen caught wind of this.

Linda Beltran, mother of Mateo, uploaded a video to her YouTube channel of her adorable son arguing with her about being able to eat cupcakes at grandma’s house.

Photo: Instagram

Photo: Instagram

Mateo was arguing you can do anything at grandma’s house and wanted Linda to listen to him and “look it.” Linda wasn’t having any of that but had a hard time getting a word in with her debating son.

Well Mateo (Matthew in English) appeared on The Ellen Show and greatness happened!

Watch Ellen DeGeneres sit down with Mateo on The Ellen Show and the original hilarious video below.

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  • Linda • 4 years ago

    I saw this video of this kid maybe two days before Ellen announced that she wanted to see him.. I knew that once she saw it should would want to meet him. Due to studying I was so bummed when I learned he was on your show. I really got a kick out of him..Hence my name being Linda. Go Mateo..I knew Ellen would get you those cupcakes. Kids say the darndest things. Love you Ellen D.

    • LINDA ARCHER • 1 year ago


  • Angelmm14@gmail • 2 years ago

    The best ever. That lil guy has some future ahead of him, how animated is he. You should be proud!

  • janneva • 2 years ago

    I love replaying this video of Mateo arguing with Linda.. Now every time I see my friendvlinda I just start saying Linda Linda Linda honey baby please just listen ..lol..best I’ve ever seen

  • Nimna • 2 years ago

    It is truly sad to see how people only saw the cuteness in this video. I just saw the an authoritative father figure who is never ready to listen to his wife perfectly projected through the child.

    • Amber Dover • 2 years ago

      That’s an interesting view you had on this. You could be right.

    • Tim • 1 year ago

      I bet you’re loads of fun to hang out with.

    • J • 1 year ago

      I saw a kid who has parents who talk instead of hitting! YOU GO, LINDA! You aand your husband are great role models!!!!!

    • Val • 5 months ago

      There’s always someone without a sense of humour !

    • Anonymous • 5 months ago


  • Sandy • 6 months ago

    Love Matteo!

  • Joyce Rosenbaum • 3 months ago

    I absolutely love this, yes he may have heard this from his father….but he is absolutely hilarious! And the mom tries to explain why he can’t have cupcakes before dinner and he explains his view…Linda, Linda honey you don’t understand! I don’t know how she kept from laughing, I would have been laughing my butt off!!! Makes me want cupcakes!!!!!

    • Amber Dover • 3 months ago

      I would have laughed then gave him a cupcake.

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