Cover Girl Werk: Amanda Seyfried Is “Young, Bold and Beautiful” On ‘W’ Cover

Photo: Craig McDean/W
18 Mar2014
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Photo: Craig McDean/W

Photo: Craig McDean/W

Amanda Seyfried is “Young, Bold and Beautiful” on the cover of W’‘s April 2014 issue.

In the issue, the 28-year-old blonde beauty talks keeping her relationships private, sex scenes in films, being famous and kissing Megan Fox.

We kissed really well together. We have similar kissing styles,” reveals Seyfried about her “Jennifer’s Body” co-star. “If I watch the scene, it’s actually really sexy. We got it done for the masses, and, sadly, the masses didn’t show up.” [“Jennifer’s Body” didn’t do so well in the box office.]

Seyfried then goes into talking about not minding doing sex scenes in films saying, “I love acting like I’m in love! Sex scenes are great.” She continued, “A lot of my co-stars have been sexy guys my age who are really respectful and cool. So, why not? I’m not going to pretend it’s not fun.” Um, Channing Tatum in “Dear John,” I can totally understand her logic.

Although Seyfried does not deny her current relationship with boyfriend Justin Long, she simply does not care to elaborate or buy into that she’s famous noting that no one paid attention to her until the 2012 film “Les Misérables.”

Check out more of the super gorgeous photos of Amanda Seyfried’s magazine spread and her article HERE.

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