Beyoncé Officially Releases “Partition” As New Single – Watch The Video (Again) HERE [VIDEO]

Photo: Beyoncé .com
25 Feb2014
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Photo: Beyoncé .com

Photo: Beyoncé .com

Beyoncé is heating things up with her latest video for her single “Partition” that she officially released on Tuesday, Feb. 25.

Now to the Beyhive, and the thousands upon thousands who already brought her fifth studio album, the music video for “Partition” is nothing new. I mean we, I mean they, probably already have all the lyrics down and choreographed their own sexy routine to the steamy track.

In “Partition,” Beyoncé dances around for Jay Z and sings about get naughty and nasty with her husband. If you watched the “Liberation” part of Beyoncé’s self-titled film, then you know all about how the track came about and the idea behind the video. If you haven’t, I got you covered and you can watch it HERE.

After that, watch the NSFW video for Beyoncé‘s “Partition” below. Or HERE.

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