Cover Girl Werk: Lena Dunham Lands First ‘Vogue’ Cover As “The New Queen of Comedy”

Photo: Annie Leibovitz/Vogue
15 Jan2014
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Photo: Annie Leibovitz/Vogue

Photo: Annie Leibovitz/Vogue

There is nothing I don’t love about Girls creator, writer, and star Lena Dunham and there’s nothing I don’t love about her first Vogue cover and spread.

Shot by the renowned photographer Annie Leibovitz, Google her, she’s really amazing, Dunham is deemed “The New Queen of Comedy” and gets super high fashion for her spread in Vogue

In the article by Nathan Heller, Lena Dunham receives praises that she “captured the anxieties and ambitions of a generation” and that she’s the “hardest-working millennial in show business.”

I don’t know Dunham personally but I fell in love with her award-winning series Girls for those very reasons. That shows embodies everything my 25-year-old soul feels.

With all the success Lena Dunham has she still feels Hollywood is not the place for her. “I like Los Angeles, but more than two weeks and I start to get a very sad feeling. You eat well there, and you take hikes, and my dog loves it, but ultimately it’s not the right place for me,” she confesses.

She also discussed how weird it is to attend Hollywood type parties and how much she appreciates her private life. She values “a really great private existence, almost more like a memoirist or a columnist would, and less like an actor would.” Dunham then states, “I can’t overstate how much I hate leaving the house. No one would describe me as a private person, but I actually really am. It’s important for me to have a lot of time alone, and to have a lot of time in my house by myself.”

I just knew Lena was my soul sister because I actually hate leaving home and love time to myself. See Lena, we on the same page completely.

Read more of Lena Dunham’s interview HERE and check out Lena Dunham’s spread for Vogue below.

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