Let Me See: Drake “Worst Behavior” Video Released

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11 Nov2013
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Photo: Instagram

Photo: Instagram

One of Drake‘s most loved songs from his Nothing Was The Same album “Worst Behavior” gets a music visual and I kind of like it.

But the thing is I wasn’t really listening to the song, although I’ve heard it before, I was more distracted at how damn good Drake looks. I mean I knew he was an attractive guy but him yelling all those curse words, the baggy clothes and facial hair is doing something for me. I’m into it.

In the 10 minute music video Drake’s dad, Dennis Graham, and Juicy J are featured in the video with a Memphis, Tennessee back drop.

Watch Drake’s “Worst Behavior” video below. WARNING: Video contains explicit language.

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  • Gambit • 4 years ago

    I didn’t really get the song until I saw a interview explaining it was a song more to be “said” than rapped. Love the song and the video. Old black guys in suit is mad funny.

    • Amber Dover • 4 years ago

      “Old black guys in suits is mad funny” – LOL, that statment is mad funny! Thanks for commenting.

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