Kanye West Takes Over ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ And Speaks On Everything [VIDEO]

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10 Oct2013
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Photo: Instagram

So by now I hope you caught wind of Kanye West’s now infamous interview with Jimmy Kimmel on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night.

The interview was so in-depth that is took up the entire show time minus Kimmel’s monologue and was filled with really great TV moments.


Kanye West made the appearance to the end the “feud” that was between himself and the late night host. Let me give you a little background on the issue these two had first; after an interview Kanye did with BBC Radio, Jimmy made a parody about it on his show. Kanye was offended because he felt himself and Jimmy had some sort of respect for each other outside of the industry so he went on a Twitter rant about it. Jimmy then joked more about it on his show and asked Kanye to appear on JKL to end the problem; he did last night.

Below are gems to take away from Kanye West’s interview:

  • Kim Kardashian should not be exempt from receiving a star on Hollywood Walk of Fame
  • We are living in a world of Classism
  • Don’t ever forget Kanye West is from Chicago
  • Kanye West is a very intellectual and strategic thinker
  • Kanye West is trying to break media
  • He also has one hell of a blank stare
  • Jimmy Kimmel is the best host ever
  • And Kanye West thinks he’s a genius and would be lying to us and himself if he didn’t vocalize it.

I really, really love Kanye West after this interview. Not that I didn’t like him before but he really had some great and insightful things to say in his interview. Many people are saying he’s crazy after it but I agree with most of the things he said, from what I could comprehend anyway. I feel like he would be so interesting to really sit and talk to or at least teach a class, give a speech, something.

Watch the interview that basically took up an entire episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live below and see if you are a newly restored, or simply new, Kanye West fan.

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