Rihanna Releases Raunchy “Pour It Up” Music Video [WATCH]

Photo: YouTube
02 Oct2013
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Photo: YouTube

Photo: YouTube

We’ve heard the song and now it’s time to watch the video.

Rihanna’s strip club anthem “Pour It Up” finally has a visual and it’s everything you would imagine the video would contain: twerking, poles, strippers and cash; or maybe that’s just what I had in mind.

We know Rihanna loves to be raunchy and she delivered in this video shaking it in a jean thong; Chris Brown eat your heart out. Watch Rihanna’s “Pour It Up” video below and sound off in the comments. WARNING: This video is NSFW!

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  • CoCo • 4 years ago

    She can’t dance for shit! And was the money supposed to look THAT fake? Are they Rihanna dollars or something?? We could have made this video.

    • Amber Dover • 4 years ago

      Oh Lord. Well I see how you really feel about Rihanna

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