My Experience Working The 2013 MTV Video Music Awards

27 Aug2013
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The 2013 MTV Video Music Awards have come and gone and it’s a bittersweet memory for me.

In the past I’ve worked with the Viacom brand. I interned with MTV and VH1 for two semesters while I was getting my masters in New York as well as working with MTV as a PA, production assistant, on projects here and there so when I got an email from special events to work the 2013 VMAS I was beyond excited.

I never worked such a major event like that one so I was nervous but very anxious to see what I would be doing.

Initially I was only scheduled to work the VMAS on Sunday but after a successful run a week prior I was brought on for two more events. Day 1 I worked a Windows Microsoft party/concert that featured Jason Derulo and Timeflies. Day 2 I worked a Covergirl party/concert that featured Ciara and DJ’s Nervo. Both events were really amazing since I was smack dead in the action and got to interact with the guests during the party.

On Friday, I was off so I attended a Time Warner Cable party/concert featuring Macklemore & Ryan Lewis plus Robin Thicke. Being able to see two VMA performers before the actual show was very exciting. Macklemore is such a great performer and got the house rocking at Terminal 5. Robin Thicke of course brought the sexy and made “everybody get up” performing “Blurred Lines” to kick his set off. One more down day and then it was show time!

I was pretty bummed I didn’t get to work directly at the Barclays Center but I did work a Pepsi party that entertained guests until it was time for them to be the live audience for Katy Perry’sRoar” performance under the Brooklyn Bridge. I was able to see KP perform the song live which was visually beautiful in person especially when she started doing the jog with the ropes and the stage turned blue; it looked really good in the black of the night and under the bridge lights. It was a perfect way to close the show and wrap up my VMA experience.

I truly love the Viacom brand and would encourage any students out there to apply for an internship with the company or any freelancers try to get on a project with the many channels that fall under the Viacom umbrella. Viacom is such an amazing company that makes you feel like you’ve worked with people for years even if you just met five minutes ago. I loved working the events for the VMAS and hopefully I’ll be able to work it again next year.

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