Ray J Says “I Hit It First” Track Isn’t A Diss to Kim Kardashian on Hot 97

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08 Apr2013
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And the plot thickens with the Ray J “I Hit It First” record.

Since last Friday and throughout the weekend, Ray J’s “I Hit First” has been pretty much all I’ve seen people talking about. And I mean jokes galore about the record that has some very inappropriate lyrics about Ray’s ex-girlfriend and reality television star, Kim Kardashian.

With the lyrics, “Hit it from north/Brought her head down south/Now that I’m finished/She’s on to Mr. West,” it’s pretty clear that the song, that was leaked on Saturday, is about Kim BUT Ray J has gone on record saying that it’s not.

On Monday, April 8, a day before the single officially drops, Ray J called into Hot 97 to address the controversy about the diss track to Kim Kardashian. He said, “It’s a song, it’s not about that. It’s about a concept. People are going way too deep,” Really Ray J?! But wait there’s more.

Ray J continued to argue that the song was NOT about Kim, who is expecting her first child with rapper/boyfriend Kanye West. “It’s a song, we’re just having fun, that’s it,” he said.

But Ray J you can’t be serious!? YOU sparked this flame baby, don’t run away now that fire is ignited. After hearing the interview on Hot 97, I was left just very confused by his way of thinking.

GIF: Tumblr

GIF: Tumblr

Check out Ray J calling Hot 97 to explain “I Hit It First” and let me know what you think!

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