Destiny’s Child is BACK! Hear Their New Single

11 Jan2013
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First Justin Timberlake announces his new project and the lovely ladies of Destiny’s Child are following suit.

Destiny’s Child fans rejoice! The girls are not only releasing another album at the end of the month but you can see all of them perform again during the Super Bowl. Miss Beyonce has already made headlines with the announcement that she would be doing the coveted half time show this year and Bey plans to make it extra special. She announced a contest to allow fans to join her performance and she also plans to have Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams perform with her at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans on February 3 for Superbowl Sunday.

DC plans on releasing a compilation album of some of their greatest swoon worthy songs entitled Love Songs on January 29. You’ve probably heard all of the songs before but one which is a new single just released, Nuclear. Take a listen below!

Are you impressed? What do you think?

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