Photo Op: Kim Kardashian: I’m Officially Jealous!

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24 Aug2012
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It’s not enough to be rich, beautiful and have a closet I dream of owning every night but now Kim Kardashian is expanding her brand along with a new wardrobe.

Kim Kardashian announced that, along with her sisters, they will have another addition to their Sears collection. The girls will be launching ‘Kardashian Kurves’, a new women’s plus size line for sizes 18 -24 come this October. Kim K tweeted, “Kardashian Kurves is coming! So excited to launch our plus-size line this fall!” Let me tell you, I took at look at some of the designs and they look FAB! Maybe better than the line they already have.

Now speaking of clothes, in the latest episode of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” not only will we see some serious Kimye but we’ll see Kimmie’s man Kanye making her get rid of ALL her clothes *inner goddess weeps* in exchange for a brand new wardrobe picked out by him. I would be just as hesitant as Kim buuuuttt Kanye did actually pick out some really nice pieces for Kim. Side note: prepare for ULTRA sweetness between Kim and Ye. So sweet I think I got a cavity looking at the clip for the upcoming episode.

So, it’s official. I’m completely jealous of Kim’s glamorous, hectic and public life. If she’s ready for kids like the tabloids say, Ye and Kim can adopt me; I’m already potty trained.


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