Mayhem Erupts at ‘Cosmopolis’ NYC Premiere

14 Aug2012
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It is no secret and argument that pure mayhem erupts whenever America’s British Sweetheart – a term I decided to deem him – makes a special appearance in New York City. I’m not even too sure I’m ready to talk about the heinous experience I encountered while trying to meet Robbie because it was INSANE and I’m sure it’s going to take me some time to get over it but let’s back track a little.

The Robert Pattinson New York City takeover kicked off Monday, August 13. Many were buzzing about this week since it would mark the first of many public appearances for Robbie post cheating scandal news with, I guess now, ex-girlfriend Kristen Stewart. Robbie put his very sexy and fashionable foot forward and moved full steam ahead promoting his latest film “Cosmopolis.”

Robbie did a VERY good first interview with Jon Stewart for The Daily Showwhich I think was SOOO good. Naturally Stewart mentioned the topic that nobody really wants to discuss, the status of Robbie and Ki, and it went REALLY smoothly. No discomfort at all, ya know considering. Stewart bust out the ice cream and the two “gals” just dug into talking about the break-up. I think Robbie handled himself well and was his usual funny, goofy self. I thought he would have lost his charming spark but it was all still there!

Now to this premiere. I was one of the insane fans that camped out to ensure a good spot to see Robbie for his Monday night, August 13, premiere. I don’t want to even say the hours I spent, way too embarrassing, but it was a while! All was calm, for the most part until the actual day of the premiere.

The MOMA (Museum of Modern Art) was the venue for the event and clearly security underestimated the impact of Robbie. It was way too people not following directions and not enough strict security to secure the premises; in other words it was a full out battle zone out there and the fans got screwed!! Robbie was only able to sign maybe two things, take one fan picture before he was rushed inside.

I mean I can’t really blame Robbie. It’s not his fault people leap off of sidewalks to get a glimpse of him. I’m just mad this isn’t the first time I did a stake out, followed the rules and got assed out. But I can tell you one thing; Robbie looked DAMN good at his premiere. I think the single life agrees with him because I never felt this much sex appeal exuding from him. He wore a pale blue Gucci suit and it fit in all the right places. Mind you, the facial hair and slicked back hair is giving me life Robbie. I want to meet him and propose like a year ago.

I’m just glad even if Robbie is hurting he sure as hell isn’t showing it to the media. Good for him!

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