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02 Aug2012
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It’s nothing like the anticipation of a good movie after seeing a great movie trailer so I decided to dedicate Thursdays to showcasing some upcoming films. In this edition of Trailer Thursdays we’ll take a look at a raunchy comedy and a scared shitless horror film.


Bachelorette” is a 2012 “Bridesmaids” -esque film starring Kirsten Dunst, Lizzy Caplan, Rebel Wilson, and Isla Fisher as friends prepping for a wedding, go figure. Coincidently enough Rebel Wilson, who was in “Bridesmaids”, plays the bride in this film. The Red Band trailer of the film has been released on ‘Funny or Die’ and it is hilarious!! Lizzy Caplan is totes the Kristen Wiig in this movie, which is so evident in the trailer, especially her airplane conversation. The film is also packed with cuties like James Marsden and Adam Scott, plus it’s good to see Kirsten get back to her comedic chops.


If you scare easily, do not, I repeat DO NOT watch this trailer alone OR in the dark. I watched the trailer in a very well-lit, busy office and I still got a little jumpy. “Paranormal Activity 4” follows the premise of the three before with connections to the past and answering all the questions we wanted to know. Like what ever happened to baby Hunter and his possessed aunt? And what about the creepy witch coven? I know, I know, hopefully all of questions will be unveiled and this will be the LAST time we deal with paranormal activity of any sorts. Geesh, these films are right up there with The Final Destination franchise.

“Bachelorette” is available on demand August 10 and hits theaters September 7. “Paranormal Activity 4” comes out just in time to get you in the Halloween spirit on October 19.

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