Update: Kristen Stewart Cheats! [Photos]

25 Jul2012
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OK, this is going to be a lot of a rant with facts intermingled. Last night, July 24, social media outlets were going CRAZY with breaking and equally shocking news that Kristen Stewart, 22, was caught cheating on her boyfriend, fellow “Twilight Saga” co-star, Robert Pattinson, 26, with director Rupert Sanders from her latest summer blockbuster film “Snow White and the Huntsman.”

Hardcore Robsten, the couples deemed nickname, fans were 100 percent sure that the cover story of US Weekly, set to hit stands Friday, July 27, was a complete fabricated story with a Photoshopped pic to go along on the cover. Fans even look to Twitter to start a trending topic “Robsten Is Unbroken” showing their support for the couple and how appalled they were with such a “rumor.”

Things got MORE interesting when Twitter was buzzing with the idea of Liberty Ross, Rupert Sanders’ wife, going on an Australian talk show, B105, and stood by that the photos were fakes and that it was indeed her in the photos. WRONG!

I was utterly shocking and tears immediately sprung to my eyes when I saw the US Weekly photo scans from @aliceinnyc aka professional fan girl. I could not help but to think how f*cked up this truly is! Like seriously Ki Ki WHHYYYYYYY?!!! Robbie and Ki Ki were JUST together at the Teen Choice Awards and had those sweet moments in Cannes and now THIS?!

The selfish fan in me can not help but to think how this will affect promo time for the last “Twilight” film. We can forget about group interviews, it just will not happen, talk about awkward! And how will Robbie even be able to talk about the character Bella without looking pissed off? Is he that good of an actor? And will he or Kristen want to do any fan stuff at ALL? You know it’s going to be one idiotic person to overstep their boundaries and bring the sour subject up and I just feel all hell is going to break loose.

And what about the pending SWATH sequel? I guess that ship is slowly sailing away. There’s no WAY Kristen and Rupert can work together after such a HUGE scandal has been unveiled. I am DYING to know the damage control the Stewart and Sanders camp is cooking up to ease the blow on this one but I’m even more dying to know where did Robbie get drunk last night after hearing such devastating news. It’s no fun getting cheated on but to have it on the cover of magazines and the tips of everybody’s tongue, that has to be rough. Also another really f*cked up factor is that Rupert is MARRIED with two kids. How in the hell is this going to affect their family?

Kristen Jaymes Stewart come ON! Seriously, what were you thinking? Do you SEE the man you have hopelessly in LOVE with you? And no, it’s not just about looks but Robbie is truly the whole package. I’m trying to give Ki the benefit of the doubt. She’s only 22 and never really has been single. She went from ex Michael Angarano to Rob in a heartbeat. Maybe this is her single self lashing out? Either way I am just feeling some type of way about this. You all know I’m so invested in Robbie and Ki Ki. I just wish SOMEbody release an official statement on this.

I never thought I’d be writing about them like this. I said my piece, how do you all feel about the latest updates?

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