Shia LaBeouf Shows Us A Different Side!

18 Jun2012
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Well if you ever wondered what Shia LaBeouf looks like completely naked here’s your chance! In Sigor Ros new video “Fjögur Píano”, LaBeouf taps into his intellectual and interpretive side playing the male lead in the video. Who knew he could move that way and be so convincing in this music video. No wonder he’s a great actor, he’s a great crier. The video does take a bizarre turn where lollipops are involved and an underwater car sequence takes place. I’m not too sure if I understand the video’s message which is said to depict the never-ending cycle of addiction and desire but I find the music to be simply beautiful. Sigor Ros makes beautiful music, i.e Andvari . Check out the vid and tell me your take on it.

CAUTION: This video contains some explicit contain.

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