MTV Sneak Peek Week: SWATH

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30 May2012
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The 2012 MTV Movie Awards are right around the corner and by right around the corner I mean Sunday, June 3, so that is very soon. As part of the week-long celebration MTV has kicked off a ‘Sneak Peek’ week on Tuesday, May 29 and first up was my girl Ki Ki along with co-star Sam Claflin to promote “Snow White and the Huntsman.”

MTV’s movie guy Josh Horowitz served as host to the beautiful co-stars as they answered questions and gave insight not only into SWATH, but upcoming projects, 50 Shades of Gray, celebrity impressions and so much more!

What we learned from this sneak peek is endless but my favs are Charlize Theron aka Charliza so badly wants to make out with Kristen Stewart, Sam Claflin does one hell of a Droppy impersonation, Ki Ki is learning French and is so swagged out after her trip from Cannes, hmm I wonder why? *immature snicker*, and SWATH looks like the best movie ever! Besides “The Twilight Saga” that is.

Check out the 16 part sneak peek and tell me you don’t crack at smile at this interview!

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