SWATH London Premiere!

SWATH London Premiere
14 May2012
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I thank the tech savvy gods for live streams and social media because thanks to them I felt like I was practically in London today for the “Snow White and the Huntsman”, SWATH, premiere!

All the stars of the anticipated summer film gathered on the red carpet in London on Monday, May 14, to celebrate the release. It was totally “twin time” for Charliza and Ki Ki who both rocked see through gowns on the carp. They both looked STUNning to say the least. I really, REALLY like those two together. They look like they genuinely built a bond and I really want to see them work together again. I feel Charliza is the sister Ki Ki never had.

And speaking of making a good team; those were the exact words Ki used when asked about working with her boyfriend Robert Pattinson again. She said she’s dying to work with him again because she thinks they make a good team. *collectively* Awwwww. They are just too precious.

Kristen has been in London on a press tour and she really is getting SO much more comfortable with mentioning Robbie in interviews. The twosome even hit up the SWATH after party …TOGETHER! *Gasp* I know right? No secret, are we? aren’t we? stuff. I don’t know what’s gotten into Ki Ki but I like it!

P.S. In my very basis opinion this is the best looking cast I’ve seen since “Twilight”.


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