Opps She Did It Again!

My girl Kristen Stewart is sure turning into quite the fashionista! She may be her usual casual self in the states but she is showing us a nice side and showing a lot of leg during Paris Fashion Week.

Not to mention she reportedly has been getting pretty cutesy and frisky with our favorite English gent and I think it’s safe to say boyfriend, Robert Pattinson, wait for it, IN PUBLIC *gasp*, can you believe it? USA PDA is like off-limits for Robsten but I guess since they are in the city of love it’s not hard to get swept up in the moment.

Krissy attended the Louis Vuitton – Marc Jacobs Exhibition at Les Arts Decoratifs in Paris on March 7th dressed in LV of course and she looked AH-MAH-ZING to say the least. I always loved her hair when it was mid length and she has been killing it to me lately. She also has been rocking this chic, quilted leather jacket that I die for! I mean seriously how can you not love her?!

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