Opps She Did It Again!

Kristen in Paris
07 Mar2012
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My girl Kristen Stewart is sure turning into quite the fashionista! She may be her usual casual self in the states but she is showing us a nice side and showing a lot of leg during Paris Fashion Week.

Not to mention she reportedly has been getting pretty cutesy and frisky with our favorite English gent and I think it’s safe to say boyfriend, Robert Pattinson, wait for it, IN PUBLIC *gasp*, can you believe it? USA PDA is like off-limits for Robsten but I guess since they are in the city of love it’s not hard to get swept up in the moment.

Krissy attended the Louis Vuitton – Marc Jacobs Exhibition at Les Arts Decoratifs in Paris on March 7th dressed in LV of course and she looked AH-MAH-ZING to say the least. I always loved her hair when it was mid length and she has been killing it to me lately. She also has been rocking this chic, quilted leather jacket that I die for! I mean seriously how can you not love her?!

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