Kristen Stewart Hits Paris Fashion Week!

01 Mar2012
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By now I’m sure you all know I will always find a reason to talk about Kristen Stewart; I’m like obsessed but this time Krissy gave me a great reason to boast her awesomeness! We all know Kristen is the newest face of Balenciaga and that she will be working with them this upcoming fall in relation to a fragrance the fashion house is working on. So that naturally meant that Krissy had to show that beautiful face off during Paris Fashion Week for the Balenciaga show. And boy did she show off!

Of course she was rocking some Balenciaga gear. A very sexy cotton and silk jacket over a lovely floral shirt and leather pants that I would kill for. She looks GREAT! I loved the shoes she wore as well; they went with those leather pants perfectly. She’s back to rocking her natural hair but still with the dark locks. I just love her face and would simply die if I ever got the chance to met her, I may cry, ha.

Didn’t Krissy work it out at Paris Fashion Week!

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