“Totes Amaze”

17 Feb2012
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I thought the “Sh*t _ Girls Say” videos were a thing of the past. I thought I seen all the funny ones at least until I came across “Sh*t Fashion Girls Say – At New York Fashion Week” on The Fashionisette- a blog I write for. This video is so damn hilarious I can’t even take it!

The Platform is the genius behind these strand of videos. The Platform has three videos total portraying this high-fashion diva who is totally into fashion and drops classic lines like “totes amaze”, “hashtag chic to the next lev”, and one of my favs “off duty my booty” when the diva can not catch a New York City; I so know the feeling.

Please take a look at these videos and enjoy the laughs. It’s so “MAJ”! And remember “little teapot, chin down, eyes up!”



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  • desigual4fun • 6 years ago

    Oh my God, chic! Chi-i-i-i-ic! Chiiiii-IIII-iiic! You are putting the chic back in the chicy! Thank you sooo much for this post, it made my day :)

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