He Still Got It!

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17 Feb2012
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Just when I thought I couldn’t love Robbie anymore I was completely wrong. Now when Robert Pattinson first ditched those lovely locks that launched women’s sex drives into a frenzy everywhere I liked it but I wasn’t crazy about it. I was thinking how would that look transfer into red carpet wear but baby let me tell you it transfers well, VERY well.

I mean Robbie still got it. This look just goes to prove that his sex appeal was not just in his hair but something deeply rooted in his fine English ass, Ha. I hate the word “swag” but Rob has got it and that’s what keeps us ladies wanting more and forever being envious of my girl Krissy.

Rob has been in hiding pretty much and I guess spending quality time with Kristen in LA but with the approaching release date of his new film Bel Ami it’s about time Rob showed his face and started doing some press stuff. I mean we were starting to think he fell off the face of the Earth. 

Rob traveled all the way to Berlin to promote his new film and when Rob travels and hit red carpets we get great photo opps like these! Rob looks great with his barley-there hair, suit, over coat and his subtle grin. I don’t know what his sexual look is about in this one photo with Christina Ricci but I like it. Take a look at all the hotness Rob exudes thanks to RP Life!  Is it time for Breaking Dawn Part 2 press time yet?! *sigh*

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