Love, Hip Hop and DRAMA!

21 Oct2011
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Talk about Love, Hip Hop and Drama! Season 2 of VH1’s popular reality show Love & Hip Hop is proving to be full of drama!

The trailer for season 2 was recently released and it’s full of weave tracks flying, beeped out swear words, face punches and more. But some things are still the same. Chrissy is still trying to find common ground with her love rapper Jim Jones, Somaya Reese and Olivia is still trying to get their careers together and Emily is still going through it with rapper Fabolous. Two new characters have been added to the mix, Jim Jones manager Yandy Smith and Kim Vanderhee, and whatever is it that she does- no shade.

I never was a religious watcher for the first season and I probably won’t be for this season but I may pop in from time to time to check out the season. Check out the trailer, will you be watching this season?

 *Photo from Vh1

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