Exclusive: Tyrese Stay Video

20 Sep2011
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You could describe Tyrese Gibson is so many ways. Musician, Actor, Writer, Father, Sexy Black Man, I mean the list could go on. For all of you who don’t follow Tyrese on Twitter he has been promoting his upcoming album Open Invitation  set to be released on Tuesday, November 1, 2011 and his new single Stay. Tyrese has been teasing his fans online with snippets of the anticipated video featuring his former Baby Boy co-star and good friend Taraji P. Henson. Well wait no more! Check out the video here!

I personally love seeing Ty and Taraji together! They look great on camera as a couple and have such great, natural chemistry. I don’t know how I feel about the song yet. It may have to grow on me but I do like the concept of the video and it has such a cute ending. I don’t think there has been a single that Tyrese released that I didn’t like so I’ll give this one time before I write it off. Check out the single for yourself and tell me what you think.


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  • Bigsis • 6 years ago

    awww. so cute. I like them together BECAUSE of Baby Boy.. The song, naaah !

    • glambergirl • 6 years ago

      They are the cutest! Right?! LOL and yea the song…idk

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