MTV Movie Awards Favorite Rob Moments

07 Jun2011
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The 2011 MTV Movie Awards was very messy I must say, entertaining but messy. My favorite moments of the night came from Robert Pattinson of course! His lewd and un-predicting behavior of the night made for GREAT MTV Movie Award history. I compiled my favorite moments of the night into a Youtube video I would love for you all to check out! Tell me what you think of the video and share with me your favorite moments of the night :)


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  • glambergirl • 7 years ago

    Due to ridiculous YouTube issues I am removing this video I made on my favorite moments to prevent the removal of all my videos :-( This saddens me but I want to protect the rest of my videos. I hope you all got to view it while it was posted and I would love to email you the video if you would like to see. Thanks to all 342 of you who viewed my posts!

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