Final Destination 5?? WHAT??

12 May2011
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OK, having a title called The FINAL Destination would make me think it would be the FINAL Final Destination but apparently NOT! I’ll tell you how I came across this silly trailer. One of the new apps I have on my iPhone is CrackleI absolutely LOVE this app. It was FREE and allows you to watch a number of movies straight from your mobile device. Now the only downside to me is that there are no trailers for the movies on this app. I like a preview of what I’m about to see so I usually head over to my IMDB ( The Internet Movie Database) app, type in the movie and see a trailer there. On the home page at IMDB they usually highlight some upcoming movies and have links to trailers for them and that’s when I stumbled across the idiotic Final Destination 5 .

Now don’t get me wrong I WAS a FD fan! I seen all the previous movies in theaters when they came out but I sorta lost interest after 3, my girl Alexz Johnson was in that one so that’s why I really wanted to see  it, NOW not so much. The deaths look incredibly fake and seem SO far-fetched and I don’t like the spin this one is taking with, “It’s kill or be killed”. I really think these films should have ended at the third but hey it may do good on its August 12, 2011 premiere. *sarcastic face*

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