Margot Robbie, Ryan Gosling, and More Read Mean Tweets On ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’

22Sep 2016

Jimmy Kimmel is bringing more nasty, rude, and often time hilarious Twitter comments about celebrities in the latest

Lady Gaga Creates A Dance Party In ‘Perfect Illusion’ Music Video

20Sep 2016

During the season 2 premiere of  The video is simple, Gaga in a desert dancing and singing for her

Glambergirlblog Introduces Twitter TV Talk

20Sep 2016

Meet my bitmoji, yes I have bangs now, an extension of myself that will be appearing from time

The Chanels and Zayday Explain “Ghosting” In ‘Scream Queens’ Clip

20Sep 2016

The time is finally here! The second season of FOX's hit horror-comedy series  In a preview of what's to

Watch: The Preview For The Next ‘American Horror Story 6’ Episode

15Sep 2016

It's official, My Roanoke Nightmare is the title of the current and sixth season of  After watching the premiere episode

‘American Horror Story’ Season 6 Premiered And The Theme Is Still Confusing Fans

14Sep 2016

The 6th season of  My Roanoke Nightmare has been listed in the credits as the theme for AHS. The theme is alleged

Naya Rivera Calls Out ‘Glee’ Castmates, Her Ex-Fiancé and More In Memoir

14Sep 2016

Sorry, Not Sorry may be the name of the highly talked about memoir from former Glee actress Inside her memoir Rivera